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Men’s Lacrosse Stick Shirt is an ideal gift for lacrosse enthusiasts. This short-sleeved t-shirt features the logo lacrosse and a classic stick style. Athletes can display team spirit with this comfortable, casual long-sleeved tee. Please refer to detailed image for sizes. If you are looking for larger sizes, please contact us.

The lacrosse stick design of the shirt emphasizes the power of the right arm. The long shaft glides along the chest for great control and accuracy. The power throw from the right hand also has a great arc and velocity. Lacrosse shots are quick, accurate, and powerful.

The shirt’s color is the same as the golf shirt and navy or white in any other color will be equally as effective. A good lacrosse player should always have good speed and agility to complete plays. Lacrosse Shooting should be doing on the run to avoid being jammed in a crowded net. A good lacrosse player should be able to shoot the lacrosse ball at a reasonable range to score goals.


Lacrosse Stick Manufacturer: DS Lacrosse is the leading manufacturer of stick models. Their sticks are made from high quality materials like rubber and graphite, which makes them long lasting. They also come in different lengths and models. Their stick models include the Stick Plus, the Stick Premier, Stick Minus, and the Pro-Series. These stick models have interchangeable molds for different Lacrosse Goals. They also have different color schemes for all their products.

The Stick Molds: The types of molds that a Lacrosse player can choose from Dansko are the Ball Molds, the Harderail, and the Softball. The types of molds that a player can choose from Dansko are the Ball Molds, the Harderail, and the Softball. The ball mold is the most important aspect of a lacrosse stick. The Dansko team produces the most technologically advanced ball moulds for each season. Each one is specifically designed for the game they are playing.

The Dansko Pro Series Professional Stick is an example of their Dansko ball mold. The Stick model is the most popular and it is used by lacrosse players all over the world. It has a high performance and quality to it. This stick has a great color combination and comes in four different colors, which make it easier for lacrosse players to select a stick model to match their skin tone.

The Stick Plus is another example of the high quality molds that Dansko makes. This stick is used for children as young as seven years old. It is made with the same high standards that you would expect from a Dansko stick. The Plus model has a larger tip and there is more weight than the standard stick, yet it is still comfortable to use. The Plus is also more expensive than the regular stick, but it is well worth the extra cost.


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